Брак в Дании, недвижимость в Гамбурге
Брак в Дании, недвижимость в Гамбурге
Бракосочетание в Дании Mobil, WhatsApp, Viber +49 176 4331 3426
Бракосочетание в Дании Mobil, WhatsApp, Viber+49 176 4331 3426 

Marriage in Denmark

Requested papers

  • Passport (with visa or residence permit) or EU ID card.
  • If you are divorced or a widow/widower.
    To ensure that the original divorce decree/death certificate is genuine it must be legalized. There must be a res judicata stamp on the divorce decree. If the Marital Status Certificate, divorce decree and death certificate are issued in countries outside the European Union (except USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), the following proof of authenticity must be completed on the original papers:
    1. The proper superior Ministry must legalise the person who has issued it. Usually it is the Ministry of Justice but in some countries it is the Ministry of the Interior.
    2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must then legalise the person of the Ministry of Justice/Ministry of the Interior (mentioned under 1.) 
    3. Finally, the local Danish Embassy or Danish Consulate must legalize the person of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (mentioned under 2.).

Dringend?       +49 176 10 222 955


Servicepaket Standard:    389,- Евро (*)

  • advice by phone to plan your marriage in Denmark
  • check and review of your documents
  • submission of your documents with the register office in Denmark
  • arrange, book and confirmation the date for your wedding
  • compile a manual with all necessary information and directions to the register office of your choice


Servicepaket Luxus:    1399,- Евро (*)

Servicepaket Standard +

  • one bed and breakfast
  • transfer from Hamburg (tran station/airport/hotel)
  • companionship by one of our employees during the ceremony
  • a trip by car to sights of town


(*) Any register office in Denmark charges 217,- € for an appointment. Our price doesn't include the fee of the registry office.

All prices are for appointments after 30 days (after you send us all requirement documents and paid the fees). We charge additional fee if your urgent appointments:
while 30 days - 80 €
while 20 days - 160 €
while 10 days - 240 €.


All prices include VAT 19%.



Обратный звонок

Telefon, WhatsApp:
+49 176 4331 3426


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